Ottilien Babies

Starting from May/June 1946, the UNRRA Hospital St. Ottilien used its facilities as delivery station for pregnant Jewish mothers from the DP camp Landsberg which was the largest among the Bavarian DP camps. The delivery station in Landsberg was closed down in autumn of 1946 probably because of the transfer to St. Ottilien. The reason for this transfer was probably the fact that the fully equipped hospital in the monastery had less and less medical cases so that the delivery station provided a new task. The high number of births is part of the so-called „DP baby boom“ among Jewish survivors (starting from the second half of 1946, about 750 babies each month in the US DP camps according to Adina Grossmann, Jews, Germans and Allies, Princeton 2007, p. 188). Altogether 427 children were born in the monastery compound from 1946 through to 1948 many of whom have now „Eresing“ or „St. Ottilien“ as birth place in their passport. Several couples married in the DP camp. If you want a birth certificate or a marriage certificate of your parents, please address yourself to the local register office of Windach:
Birth rate 1946: 195 children
Birth rate 1947: 205 children
Birth rate 1948: 27 children